My console just got its new heart transplant from #AtomicInstrument. Bending the laws of physics to give my SSL all that beautiful thump, impact, and clarity. Super stoked on this thing. Thanks @robotlemon and Co! (at Pentavarit)

Yesterday was pretty cool. Celebrating two records I produced with a concert on a tiny secret island and all our friends. @haydenisaac @kalebthomasjones @sbbro22 @jaredkneale @gabearizona @abokesch @eleonoredenig

The sauce. (at Pentavarit)

EX-TER-MIN-ATE! (at Pentavarit)

All the sounds. (at Pentavarit)

The most massive jerk of a fly won’t stop bullying me. (at Pentavarit)

@abokesch and his #boomthwack (at Pentavarit)

@robertvenable - the first outside engineer to fly my new ship. (at Pentavarit)

Not a bad way to break in the new setup. Fun couple of days with @jrocdirtty and @jessekrice makin’ tha hits. (at Pentavarit)

The last few months have been a wild ride, but right now I’m feeling like one proud papa. (at Pentavarit)

Moved 3 consoles in 2 days so that I could have this lovely piece of magic end up right here. Who wants to make some music? #projectyellowpepper (at Pentavarit)

Out with the old and badass, in with the also old and more badass. Trident Series 80C -> SSL 6032E/G (at Pentavarit)

Looking for a studio intern. Please contact me if you have an obsessive attention to detail, get off on organization, understand signal flow, and think recording studios are the coolest. If you are the best thing since a Roland RE-201, I may end up hiring you to be assistant in a few months. (at Pentavarit)

One week from today. Let’s make all the records. (at Pentavarit)

Thanks for including me in your team, @hydramelody and @willpug! I had a blast with you guys this week. Can’t wait to mix this bissshhhh! (at Ocean Way Studio Studios-A)