Thunder drums and fuzzy bass and melodic guitars and thoughtful arrangements make for a fun day of mixing. Thanks, @hydramelody @willpug (at Pentavarit)

Bird shit skull. My studio is so metal right now. (at Pentavarit)

All the Sounds: Episode 2 (at Pentavarit)

I can’t believe it. It finally works. I fixed it! Thanks to everyone to helped me figure this mess out. (at Pentavarit)

A good friend is someone who lets you try weird mic combinations. @kalebthomasjones is one of those friends. (at Pentavarit)


My console just got its new heart transplant from #AtomicInstrument. Bending the laws of physics to give my SSL all that beautiful thump, impact, and clarity. Super stoked on this thing. Thanks @robotlemon and Co! (at Pentavarit)

Yesterday was pretty cool. Celebrating two records I produced with a concert on a tiny secret island and all our friends. @haydenisaac @kalebthomasjones @sbbro22 @jaredkneale @gabearizona @abokesch @eleonoredenig

The sauce. (at Pentavarit)

  • Track: INTL - All I See


EX-TER-MIN-ATE! (at Pentavarit)

All the sounds. (at Pentavarit)

The most massive jerk of a fly won’t stop bullying me. (at Pentavarit)

@abokesch and his #boomthwack (at Pentavarit)

@robertvenable - the first outside engineer to fly my new ship. (at Pentavarit)