Thanks for including me in your team, @hydramelody and @willpug! I had a blast with you guys this week. Can’t wait to mix this bissshhhh! (at Ocean Way Studio Studios-A)

The elusive @willpug producer dolphin jump. (at Ocean Way Studio Studios-A)

Good thing nobody ever uses that one anyway. (at Ocean Way Studio Studios-A)

Big drums sounds, tiny room. (at Ocean Way Studio Studios-A)

My #JADATO photo is more expensive than yours is. (at Ocean Way Studio Studios-A)

Control room: complete. Now, back to making records. (at Pentavarit)

Well then. (at Pentaverit)

Thanks to my pals @rubyamanfu and @sbbro22 for making me take a break from wiring and construction in here - and allowing me to mix some of their magic. (at Pentaverit)

Starting to shape up and I am feeling good about making lots of amazing records in here. (at Pentaverit)

Moving sucks, but this space is going to rock after some updates. (at Pentaverit)

Closing out mixes with @intlofficial - the last day any music will ever be heard within these walls. (at South Street Studios)

Last recording session ever at South Street Studios. Glad to be spending it with some good friends (@drummerer @justinostrander @germanhans1) but I am pretty sad. #frownyfacechart (at South Street Studios)

@kalebthomasjones from @intlofficial wins the award for most awesome mix feedback this month. (at South Street Studios)

A lovely day is made by flying the new ship at #SoundEmporium and making a record with all my friends. #yes (at The Sound Emporium)